Get to know me

My name is Jessica Meyer, I have had a passion for dogs since I can remember. I have been a dog trainer for PetSmart. I am also a graduate from The Tom Rose School of Dog Training Professionals. Where I grew my knowledge of dogs and training methods. I am a dog mom to four dogs; Rue, Bella, Onyx, and Kota.



This is Kota! He is my 8 month old German Shepherd. Kota is one of my working dogs. He is training to be a service dog.



This is my 8 month old Belgian Malinois! Onyx is the calmest of the pack. He is a working dog. He is training to be a therapy dog.


This is my 1 year old lab mix! She is the biggest of the pack though she tends to think she's the smallest.


Ruby Rue

This is Rue! She is the eldest of the pack. Being 2 hasn't calmed her down any she runs circles around all of her siblings.